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S.T.E.M Career & College Open House is January 11th at 5:30 p.m.

High School students who are interested in learning more about career & technical programs are invited to our S.T.E.M. career & college open house. This will be a chance for students to meet program instructors and talk to college advisers. Career & college reps will be in the commons and while demonstrations by program instructors will take place in the classrooms. Can’t wait to see you all here!

SCC Selfies

Stars & Stripes Management Team Takes 4th at ProStart Nationals!

Photo provided by Julie Ivan and Aaron Gaertner, Instructors of the SCC Culinary Program.

Photo provided by Julie Ivan and Aaron Gaertner, Instructors of the SCC Culinary Program.

We are proud to announce that the Saginaw Career Complex Culinary Arts students placed 4th in the Nation last night in Restaurant Management. Our 5 students competed at the National ProStart Invitational in Grapevine, Texas, facing off against  48 teams from across the United States.  This was our 1st time in SCC history taking a management team to the National ProStart Invitational. Our students were very well-prepared, and to place (and medal)  for our 1st time is unheard of.

The 5 students on the team have spent 3 hours after school 4 days per week since January practicing the presentation skills.  We could not have been any prouder of these students.  They walked away with $68,000 in Scholarships and gifts from industry leaders.  Team members were Deja Hinton, Briana Weaver, Jada Herndon, Kamarri Bates ( all of Arthur Hill High School) and Ben Nagy (Heritage High School).  The Restaurant Management team was lead by advisor and SCC instructor Ms. Julie Ivan.

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Schultz Joins the STFD!

Photo provided by Brian Wolpert of the Saginaw Township Fire Department

Photo provided by Brian Wolpert of the STFD

The Saginaw Township Fire Department is privileged to have one of SCC’s very own students as part of their department.  Senior, Eric Schultz, was recently hired at the Saginaw Township Fire Department (STFD) as a volunteer firefighter.  Schultz said that this is the first step he must take in becoming a full time firefighter.   Schultz was first introduced to the opportunity by a family friend who currently works for the STFD.

When asked what first interested him in the field of fire safety, Schultz replied that he had always been interested; however, more recently his interest has grown.  Schultz attends the Saginaw Career Complex half-day, and is enrolled in the Law, Public Safety & Security program.  Schultz believes that the core components of SCC’s Law, Public Safety & Security program have helped to prepare him for the workforce.

Schultz plans to continue his education in the fall, at Delta College, where he will study Fire Science.

SCC Standouts!


Poster designed by Brook Lee of SASA.

What is a SCC Standout??? Well our standouts are non-traditional students who take on career pathways where they are the minority gender.  Our standout for the week is from our Game, Database & Web Design Program.

Chloe Schaeding and Lindsay Lang are both students from Heritage High School.  They are both female students in a program that has a male majority.  They are wonderful non-traditional students that are creative, intelligent & a true representation of what SCC is all about!  Congratulations to Chloe, Lindsay & their families!
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Korena Riha Receives Prestigious Scholarship!

Article written by Andrew Filipek, SCC Career Development Facilitator

SCC Business, Management & Administration student Korena Riha was selected by EnviCare Consulting to receive a $500 academic scholarship toward college or any vocational training program.  She will be presented with an award letter and plaque at the Turnaround Program at the Saginaw ISD Transition Center on May 10th at 9 a.m.  Korena lives by the motto: "Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world."  Congratulations to Korena, her family and teachers!  


korena riha copy

Photo taken by Emily Doyle (Heritage High School)