Agriscience & Technologies

Program Description

This Tech Prep program prepares students for career success, college studies, and industry
credentials of the agriculture industry. Students will study plant science, animal science and
environmental science, as well as agri-business. Students will earn OSHA Career Safety certification and participate in FFA activities and competitions.


Program Content

Personal Management and Employability Skills
Technical Communications
Career Research and Development
Lab Safety
Entrepreneurship & Management
Ethics and Responsibility
Leadership and Teamwork
Principles of Animal Science
Principles of Plant Science
Soil Science
Environmental Science

Special Program Features

Students may participate in FFA, a national
organization that provides opportunities to develop
premier leadership, personal growth and career
success through agricultural education. Students will
be able to participate in various leadership, teambuilding,
and skills contests.

11th and 12th grade students will complete and
present Capstone projects.
Work-based learning
Tech Prep Program

1st Year Juniors can earn:
2.5 cr. Agriscience & Technologies
0.5 cr. English 12
1.0 cr. Zoology
2nd Year Students and 1st Year Seniors can earn:
2.5 cr. Agriscience & Technologies
0.5 cr. English 12
1.0 cr. Algebra II B or Problem Solving in Math

College Credit

Agriscience & Technologies

Institution Program Articulated Course(s)
Davenport University Environmental Technologies Pathway BUSN210 (Professional Ethics)

COMM120 (Presentation Techniques)

GNNS (General Natural Science Credit)

SOSC201 (Diversity in Society)

GNBS (General Business Credit)


Student Certifications

Personal Management & Employability Skills, CareerSafe Safety Education Training

Program Requirements

“C” or better grades in science and math courses
Interest in learning about and working with animals
Interest and willingness to participate in FFA leadership activities and skills competitions
Willingness to work with and handle animals
Text reading level: 11th grade

Career Possibilities

Agricultural Educator, Animal Caretaker, Animal
Chiropractor, Animal Nutritionist, Animal
Scientist, Agriculturalist, Breeding Physiologist,
Dairy Producer, Equine Manager, Feed Sales
Rep/Feed Sales Specialist, Seed Sales
Representative, Feedlot Specialist, Livestock
Buyer, Livestock Inspector, Livestock Producer,
Pet Shop Clerk/Manager/Owner, Poultry
Manager, USDA Food Inspector, Veterinarians,
Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician,
Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife Research,
Agronomist, Greenhouse Manager, DNR Officer,
Plant Geneticist, Fruit and Vegetable Producer