Computerized Machining (CNC)

Program Description

The Computerized Machining program provides tremendous opportunities for students to
enter a high skill, high wage career. This program is offered as dual enrollment through Delta
College and prepares you for entry-level positions to manufacture precision products. You could
work in a variety of manufacturing industries such as automotive, aviation, alternative energy, agricultural, medical
and communications.
As a CNC Machine Tool Programmer-Operator, you will use computer driven machine tools such as lathes, mills, lasers, water jet, wire and/or sinker electrical discharge machines, tube benders, punches, brakes, and grinders to shape materials to precise dimensions. Although some programmer/operators can work with a wide variety of CNC machine tools, most specialize in one or two types. Specific duties may include: studying blueprints or sketches; building tooling, jigs, or fixtures; programming and editing; machine work pieces; inspecting and certifying product for dimensional accuracy; and light duty repair and maintenance of the CNC machine. A solid math background, including courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic statistics, is useful, along with experience working
with computers.

Program Content

Safety practices and procedures

Studying blueprints or sketches

Building tooling, jigs, or fixtures

Programming and editing

Machine work pieces

Inspecting and certifying product for dimensional

Light duty repair and maintenance of the CNC

Special Features

Partnership with Great Lakes Bay Regional
Students may participate in SkillsUSA, a national
organization that provides opportunities to develop
teamwork, personal eadership, and careers skills
valued by employers
Work based learning experience
Industry certifications
College Credit
High School ELA and math credit
Key Train

1st Year Students can earn:
3.5 cr. Computerized Machining
0.5 cr. English 12

2nd Year Students and 1st Year Seniors can earn:
2.5 cr. Computerized Machining
0.5 cr. English 12
1.0 cr. Algebra II B or Problem Solving in Math

College Credit

Delta College CNC Dual Enrollment Offerings
with Saginaw Career Complex for all First Year Students
Course Title Credit Hours Contact Hours
MS-113 Introduction to Machining Process 2 (with two additional hours) 60
DRF-121 Blue Print Reading 3 45
MS-181W Machine Tools I 4 90
MIT-118 Safety Practices and Procedures 2 30

Student Certifications

CareerSafe Safety Education Training

Program Requirements

Safety Shoes
Eye Protection (provided for nonprescription)
Proper Work Clothes
Good Hand-Eye Coordination, Eyesight, & Depth
Mechanical Aptitude
Good Physical Condition
Ability to Pay Careful Attention to Detail and
Follow Instructions Closely


Career Possibilities

CNC machine tool programmers
Press machine setters, operators
Lathe and turning machine setters
Milling and planning machine operators
Plating and coating machine setters
Drilling and boring machine tool setters