About Us

The Handley School program is designed to meet the needs of academically talented students grades K-5. The programs content and structure are responsive to developmental stages in the lives of children. Learning experiences are designed to help students find depth and personal meaning in their studies. Teachers respect and facilitate the individual abilities, needs, and interests of young learners. These three threads – attention to developmental stages, personal meaning, and individualization have been consistently woven through the fabric of a Handley education since its opening in 1981.

Our children are passionate about learning and have the ability to learn at a faster pace and to a greater depth and to create more advanced products than the children for whom traditional curriculum is designed.

At each grade, developmentally appropriate opportunities for choice, decision-making and problem solving assist the students’ developing sense of empowerment and personal responsibility for their own learning. Each grade brings opportunities for greater levels of abstraction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, foreign language, visual and performing arts, technology, and physical education.

As our gifted students grow and change in each grade, they continue to be encouraged to find real meaning in their learning, to make connections and to relate their values, beliefs and expanding experiences to what they are studying. Our students often develop real passions for certain subjects or issues. The flexibility required to be responsive to them is built into both the schedule and our curriculum development process.

We believe that the fabric of Handley’s education is constructed in such a way that our students will develop a thirst for knowledge and be well prepared for the next stage of their learning.

A total of 401 students in grades Kindergarten – 5 attend Handley. Daily attendance averages 98%. The principal is Mrs. Kathy Couillard. 17 professional teaching staff members and 18 support personnel, including aides, custodians, and secretaries. Our Handley Parent Group President is Mrs. Shelly Green.