Academics – The Handley Curriculum

Handley’s curriculum differs from the traditional in the pacing and depth of its studies. The level of instruction is generally above grade-level in math, language, social studies and science. Experimental, hands-on learning is the norm. Higher-level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are emphasized. Creative problem solving, inquiry training, decision-making, and goal setting are stressed. The larger community becomes a resource through the use of mentors, field trips and career education.

Academic Core Curriculum

Academic core curriculum in Saginaw Schools is that set of essential academic learning that every student, K-12, is expected to know and do. Saginaw has adopted Standards for all academic content areas, for all students, and continues to develop and implement grade level benchmarks, assessments, and instructional techniques aligned with these standards. Saginaw Schools offer all students a core academic curriculum aligned with National and State standards, in history, geography, economics, science, mathematics, civics, and reading and writing. The District continues to involve teachers at all levels in defining and refining the standards of these core areas. These standards, in addition to national standards, are directly tied to the District Mission and Graduate Standards. We recognize the need to continuously improve curriculum and to maintain a rigorous program of study for all students. Developing a core curriculum is a start not an end. Refining, managing and updating is a continuous job as we learn more about how students learn best and examine what all students need to know as they enter the world of work and continue their education.