About Us

Our school strives to welcome parents and the community to be a part of the educational process. We want YOU to be a part of our team! If you have any questions please contact us at (989) 399-5000 for more information about our school.

Mission Statement

The staff of Jessie Rouse in conjunction with all parents, students, businesses and the community will promote a school environment where students will achieve the highest level of academic achievement and career planning to assist them in becoming life long learners.

Belief Statements

We, the staff of Jessie Rouse, believe:

1. Every student is unique, valuable and capable of learning.

2. Every student should graduate from high school understanding that learning if life-long

3. The responsibility of education is shared among all members of the community.

4. We must appreciate the diversity of each student’s backgrounds, abilities and interest to ensure students’ success.

5. Every family/parent involved in his or her child’s education is an integral part of each student’s success.