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At a Glance

Each school day, the district welcomes over 7,497 students through the doors of its 15 schools, including 10 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 3 high schools.The District prides itself on having something for everyone, from themed schools to gifted and talented programs; career and technical education and youth sports programs.

Saginaw Public Schools has a record of steady, marked improvement and a continual quest for excellence. Saginaw Public Schools is home to one nationally recognized Blue Ribbon Schools selected and honored by the U.S. Department of Education.







Mission Statement

Saginaw Public Schools, in partnership with parents, students, and the community of external and internal customers, is committed to and responsible for ensuring the highest level of academic achievement for all students, the highest level of career preparation for all students, a safe and effective learning environment for all students, and the highest performing organizational structure at all level.


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Our Advantages

The building blocks continue to be put into place for the creation of a world-class educational system in the Saginaw Public Schools. Here are some of the unique advantages that exist for parents and students in the Saginaw Public Schools.

Academic Excellence: As one of three school districts initially selected to participate in the Michigan Scholars Program, Saginaw educators have had a head start developing challenging core academic courses that will prepare students for meeting the new state graduation requirements.

Highly Qualified Staff: The district’s teachers, administrators and support staff benefit from one of the state’s finest and most comprehensive professional development programs.

Comprehensive Parent Involvement Programs: In Saginaw Schools, parents are full partners in the education of their children. Each school has its own parent involvement developed in conjunction with the National Network of Partnership Schools.

State of the Art Facilities: Kempton, Herig and Stone elementary schools have benefited from major renovations during the first phase of the district’s $70 million facilities plan. Loomis Math Science and Technology Academy is a brand new building. Arthur Hill and Saginaw High have received upgrades.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Students have access to state-of-the-art technology, from laptop computers to interactive whiteboards in the classrooms. Every student can have an email account and internet access that puts the world at their fingertips.

High Quality Arts Program: Students have access to an outstanding team of art and music instructors, from early elementary through high school. Saginaw students consistently earn state and national recognition for their artistic and musical achievements.

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We listed just some of the unique advantages available to students and parents in the Saginaw Public Schools. Please take the time to read more about programs available for students.