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At A Glance

Saginaw Public Schools is home to over 5,800 Pre-K-12th grade students.  The district operates seventeen different schools that includes 1 early childhood center, 10 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3 High Schools, 1 Career & Technical Education Center and 1 Alternative High School.  The district has prided itself on being a comprehensive urban school system that provides an opportunity for all learners.  Saginaw Public Schools have been home to two national recognized blue ribbon schools, state champion football and basketball teams and one of the most competitive C.T.E. programs in the region.

Saginaw Public Schools is on the cutting edge of Pre-K-12th grade education.  Keeping Kids First is not just a slogan, it is an effortless, task driven approach to ensure that we are always providing the highest quality academic and extra-curricular programming for our students.  That relentless pursuit has garnered the passing of a monumental 100 million dollar Bond Issue that will allow for the construction of the following projects:

  1. A New Comprehensive High School located in Downtown Saginaw
  2. A New Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy Facility renovated at the current Arthur Hill Site
  3. A new Handley Elementary School located on the Arthur Hill site (Pre-K-12 Gifted & Talented Campus)
  4. A new Middle School renovated at the current Saginaw High School site

In addition to creating modern learning spaces at each of these schools, the school district will also upgrade K-12 curriculum offerings, co-curricular offerings and athletic offerings, solidifying Saginaw Public Schools as one of the most comprehensive school districts in the State.  Students from Saginaw Public Schools leave college ready, career ready and 21st century competitive.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a globally competitive school district that prepares and inspires students to achieve their full potential.