Visual and Performing Arts Concentrations (Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts combined 2D/3D, Voice/Keyboard)
All full-day visual and performing arts students will also take Core Content Courses in these four academic areas: Math, Science, English/Language Arts and Global Studies. Visual Performing Arts Concentration students will have a choice of one additional elective: Band (Gr 6-8, 1 year of Band is advised for ALL students); or Spanish (Gr 7-8), or Gr 6 Rounds (Rounds includes 12 weeks each of: Electronic Keyboarding/Tech Ed, Humanities, Physical Education).

Academic Concentrations: (Math/Science or Language Arts/Global Studies)
All full day students that concentrate in either of these two academic areas in grades 6-8 will take the other two required academic areas in the remainder of their day: i.e., Math/Science students will also take ELA (English) & Social Studies, in addition to the following electives: Band (6-8), Spanish (Gr 7-8), and/or Gr 6 Rounds. (Rounds includes 12 weeks each of: Electronic Keyboarding/Tech Ed, Humanities, Physical Education). All entering students are strongly encouraged to take at least one year of Band to develop their appreciation of the musical arts. Physical Education as a year-long course may be added to the Middle School elective options in second semester, 2010-11, following the completion of the new gymnasium construction.

Standard Courses – Gr. 6-8
CONCENTRATIONS AVAILABLE Gr.6-8 (each Concentration block up to 140 min daily) (available to students for either full or half-day attendance)•  Language Arts/Global Studies (dual LA & GS Concentration content Gr 6-8)
•  Math/Science (dual Ma & Sci Concentration content Gr 6-12)
•  Dance
•  Theatre
•  Visual Arts 2D/3D (dual 2D & 3D Concentration content Gr 6-8)
•  Voice/Keyboard (piano theory skills will be taught, not a prerequisite)

Additional Courses for Full Day:

•  English/Language Arts
•  English/Composition 6
•  English/Composition 7
•  English/Composition 8

Social Studies/Geography

•  Gr. 6 Global Studies/Latin America, U.S. & Canada, Europe & Australia
•  Gr. 7 Global Studies/Ancient Worlds, Asia, Africa, Europe
•  Gr. 8 Global Studies/U.S. History/Geog.

Mathematics (students will be tested and assigned to match level of skill)

•  Mathematics 6
•  Pre-Algebra 6-7
•  Algebra 6-8
•  Geometry 7-8 (High School Credit)
•  Algebra II/Trigonometry 7-8 (High School Credit)
•  Pre-Calculus 7-8 (H.S. Credit)
•  AP Calculus A/B 7-8 (H.S. Credit)


•  Science 6 Life/Physical
•  Science 7 Physical/Biology/Earth
•  Science 8 Earth Science (High School Credit)

Fine Arts

•  Dance (combined 6-8 Concentration)
•  Theatre (combined 6-8 Concentration) and Drama/Speech 6-8 (Elective)
•  Visual Arts 2D and 3D (combined 6-8 Concentration)
•  Voice/Keyboard (combined 6-8 Concentration)

Instrumental Music (Elective – All)

•  Beginning Band (6-8); no prior instrumental music skills for band/winds
•  Advanced Beginning Band (6-8) ; 1 yr prior skills for band/winds
•  Intermediate Band (7-8); 2 yrs prior skills for band/winds
•  Advanced Concert Band (7-8); 3 yrs prior skills for band/winds

Foreign Language

•  Spanish 1A Equal to High School Year 1 (Gr 7-8) (High School Credit pending)
•  Spanish 1B Equal to High School Year 2 (Gr 8) (High School Credit Pending)

Speech/Drama (6-8 Elective)

•  Rounds/Exploratory (Gr 6,7 or 8; 12 weeks each)
•  Electronic Keyboarding/Technology Ed
•  Humanities focus project
•  Physical Education / Health & Fitness

Non-standard On-line Courses

On-Line courses through MVHS (MI Virtual High School) are available with counselor and Principal permission on an individual basis to accommodate out-of-area transfer students for whom the traditional SASA curriculum will not accommodate courses of study already in progress, such as foreign languages other than Spanish.

Standard Courses – Gr. 9-12
Available For Full Day StudentsHalf-Day students will take one p.m. concentration course/program and up to one other course offered in the 7th (last) hour. NOTE: Due to multi-grade level class groupings at SASA, some courses are offered in alternating years. English/Language Arts

•  English 9 – Exploration Lit/Composition
•  English 10 – Appreciation Lit/Composition
•  English 11 – American Lit/Composition
•  English 12 – World Lit/Composition
•  Advanced Placement English Language & Composition or

Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition

•  Social Studies
•  Gr 9-10 U.S. History & Geography
•  Gr. 9-10 World History and Geography
•  Gr. 11 Advanced Placement Government (1 sem) & Economics (1 sem)
•  Gr 11-12 Advanced Placement U.S. History or
•  Gr 11-12 Advanced Placement European History or
•  Gr 11-12 Advanced Placement World History

Fine Arts (Concentrations are noted; others are elective courses)

•  Concert Band – High School (elective)
•  Concert Honors Ensemble (elective)

Dance (Concentration)

•  Fitness Dance (Elective)

Theatre (Concentration)

•  Visual Arts 2D and 3D (available as both – Concentration & Electives)
•  Advanced Placement Studio Art (through Concentration or as Independent Study)

Voice/Keyboard (Concentration)

•  Advanced Placement Music Theory (through Concentration or Independent Study)
•  Mixed Choir (Elective)

Mathematics (* = Gr 9-12 Math/Science Concentration Requirement or test-out)

•  Algebra I (usually SASA middle school course)
•  Geometry (may be middle or high school course)
•  *Algebra II/Trigonometry (may also be middle school course)
•  *Pre-Calculus (may also be middle school course)
•  *Advanced Placement Calculus AB (may also be middle school accelerated course)
•  *Advanced Placement Calculus BC (may also be middle school accelerated course)
•  Dual enrollment classes at Delta College and SVSU can be taken once the above are completed or upon recommendation of instructors/counselor)
•  Advanced Placement Statistics (via MVHS On-line)

Science (* = Math/Science Concentration Requirement or test-out)

•  *Biology (may also be accelerated student middle school course)
•  Physical Science (as 1-yr Chem/Physics Introduction)
•  *Chemistry (may also be accelerated student middle school course)
•  *Physics
•  *Anatomy and Physiology
•  Advanced Placement Environmental Science
•  *Advanced Placement Biology
•  *Advanced Placement Chemistry
•  Advanced Placement Physics B

Foreign Languages (2 yrs at high school level required for SASA)

•  Spanish 1st yr
•  Spanish 2nd yr
•  Spanish 3rd yr
•  Spanish 4th yr
•  Advanced Placement Spanish Language (via class at SASA or MVHS On-Line)
•  Advanced Placement Spanish Literature (via MVHS On-line)
•  Numerous Other Foreign Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Latin, etc (via MIVHS On-line or dual enrollment after 2 yrs HS Spanish completed)

Additional Electives:

•  Health & Physical Education (Saginaw Schools requires 1 semester of each)
•  Journalism
•  Yearbook
•  Psychology
•  Publications Lab for Student Editors and Staff

With Permission of SASA Counselor & Administrators, and completed Board of Education Requirements, these options are also available:

•  Career & Technical Courses at the Saginaw Career Complex (Gr 11-12)
•  Employment Co-Op (I.e., Dow Corning and Dow Chemical (Gr. 11-12)
•  A wide range of MI Virtual High School (MIVHS) courses; usually Gr 10-12
•  Dual Enrollment courses through on-line coursework or attendance at local colleges & universities (usually Gr. 11-12)
•  Independent Study Courses (Administrative, Counselor and Teacher approval required) (varies by schedule & grade)