Media Center

Media Center

Media Center

General Description

The mission of the library media center is to operate as an integral part of the school’s instructional program, dedicated to providing our school community with quality resources for factual knowledge and information, and literary appreciation.

The vision of the library media center is to have all students become effective and ethical users of information in any situation, leading to life-long independent learning and ethical and critical thinking in both their work and personal life.

The media specialist collaborates with staff and students on lessons, technology integration and information literacy. The media specialist oversees a fully-equipped computer laboratory, as well as the library collection, which includes a variety of educational equipment. As needed, training and technical support are provided to students and staff members. The media center is also made available to students before and after school for assignments, research and productive personal enjoyment.

Program Overview

The Media Center provides resources that:

•  Support and enrich the school’s curriculum in a variety of formats
•  Serves the varied interests, abilities and maturity levels of students
•  Represent the world’s various cultural groups and contrasting viewpoints
•  Were selected using principle over personal opinion, and reason over prejudice to assure a comprehensive collection
•  Are fully catalogued and can be easily accessed through an on-line catalog
•  Are evaluated and updated regularly using data from our electronic circulation system, collaboration with staff and students, and hands-on knowledge of the media specialist