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Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) is the Career and Technical Education Center for Saginaw County. The school offers 19 programs that help students prepare for college, technical work, or skilled entry-level work. Students from high schools throughout Saginaw County are eligible to attend and generally do so while continuing to attend classes at their home high school.

SCC Selfies

“I think to be a good photographer, you have to be open minded. You have to be willing to work with clients and very flexible. You have to have an eye that other people don’t have. If a normal person looks at a chair, they may just see a chair. If a photographer looks at it, they’re going to see something different. Or they will notice that it looks better at this angle”. -Samantha

“I just love the fact that programming gives me a chance to explore my problem-solving mind. It allows me to think through applicable solutions to problems that exist in today’s world. I can help find solutions with it and it’s just a great tool to have. Regardless of what field I go into, I can always enjoy programming. It will be a good backbone and stepping stone into my future. ” -Emily

“Competing in SkillsUSA developed my self-confidence…by a longshot! Before, in class, didn’t talk to anybody because I’m shy. All I talked to was the teachers. Besides the teachers, I had no one and I didn’t ask for help. So, when I got paired up in groups, I just stared at my teammates. In the competition last year, I got first in both nationals and states”. -Arthur


Why Choose SCC?

Each of the programs offered at SCC link learning with earning by teaching skills that help prepare students for college, advanced technical training or skilled entry-level work. In addition to learning in real world, technology-rich labs, students can earn industry certifications that give them a head start in preparing for high-skill, high-wage careers. This diverse group shares the common goal of career success, and they are getting a head start on preparing for a career. Students enrolled in CTE programs at SCC have the opportunity to earn FREE college credit, upon successful completion of certain requirements and instructor approval. At the same time, academic credit can be earned to Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements for CTE; English; Math; Science; Visual, Performing & Applied Arts and Online Experience, depending on the program. Take a moment to hear about the Experience from a parents perspective.