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Saginaw Career Complex (SCC) is the Career and Technical Education Center for Saginaw County. The school offers 19 programs that help students prepare for college, technical work, or skilled entry-level work. Students from high schools throughout Saginaw County are eligible to attend, and generally do so while continuing to attend classes at their home high school.

SCC Selfies

Karmen Clark Takes 1st Place State Level at SkillsUSA

Photo Taken by SkillsUSA

Photo Taken by SkillsUSA

We are proud to announce that the Saginaw Career Complex Graphic Arts student Karman Clark placed 1st in the State during SkillsUSA for Photography on April 8th.  She will be moving on to the National competition which will be held June 19th in Louisville Kentucky. Karmen would love to continue sharing her love for photography around the world and meet people who share the same passion.

"Being able to be apart of SkillsUSA and be able to compete with other student is amazing! Going to Nationals for photography is something that doesn’t happen to everyone and I could not be more honored to move on and travel and do it all over again" Said Clark


Schultz Joins the STFD!

Photo provided by Brian Wolpert of the Saginaw Township Fire Department

Photo provided by Brian Wolpert of the STFD

The Saginaw Township Fire Department is privileged to have one of SCC’s very own students as part of their department.  Senior, Eric Schultz, was recently hired at the Saginaw Township Fire Department (STFD) as a volunteer firefighter.  Schultz said that this is the first step he must take in becoming a full time firefighter.   Schultz was first introduced to the opportunity by a family friend who currently works for the STFD.

When asked what first interested him in the field of fire safety, Schultz replied that he had always been interested; however, more recently his interest has grown.  Schultz attends the Saginaw Career Complex half-day, and is enrolled in the Law, Public Safety & Security program.  Schultz believes that the core components of SCC’s Law, Public Safety & Security program have helped to prepare him for the workforce.

Schultz plans to continue his education in the fall, at Delta College, where he will study Fire Science.

SCC Standouts!


Poster designed by Brook Lee of SASA.

What is a SCC Standout??? Well our standouts are non-traditional students who take on career pathways where they are the minority gender.  Our standout for the week is from our Game, Database & Web Design Program.

Chloe Schaeding and Lindsay Lang are both students from Heritage High School.  They are both female students in a program that has a male majority.  They are wonderful non-traditional students that are creative, intelligent & a true representation of what SCC is all about!  Congratulations to Chloe, Lindsay & their families!
To see other Standouts at the SCC, click here! Each week until the end of the school year, we will be posting a new Standout!


Saginaw Career Complex Exceeds Blood Goal!

Under the leadership of Melissa Haworth, the Saginaw Career Complex hosted its annual blood drive on October 16. Two healthcare clusters participated and helped organize the drive, students worked very hard toward their personal goal. 34 units were attempted and 29 donations were collected. 19 people donated with Michigan Blood for the first time. 

All of the blood stays in the Mid-Michigan area

Special thanks to Melissa and her team of students for their commitment to help save lives. They are already excited to start planning next year's drive and to top this year's results.