SCC Law and Public Safety Leads the Way With OK2SAY

OK2SAY is available state-wide for public and private schools in Michigan; anybody can submit a confidential tip. Specially trained technicians receive the tips and filter the information to the appropriate agency to respond promptly and effectively. 

On January 17th, the Community Service team for the Law and Public Safety Class at the Saginaw Career Complex went to Peace Lutheran School 4th- 5th-grade classes to teach the 34 students the importance of telling a trusted adult. Then the students played a Kahoot about the differences between mean, rude, and bullying behavior. 

On February 2nd, the Community Service team held a Zoom for eleven classes, approximately 370 students at SCC to learn more about OK2SAY. The students learned about bullying, mental health, and preventative measure for threats against a school.  Trooper Kustra from the Michigan State Police handed out OK2SAY merchandise and Life Saver candy in the commons with the Community Service team. 

Cameron Acha, Kaitlyn Pittman, and Noah Spannagel are the high school representatives of OK2SAY and its purpose.  They set up a booth in the Saginaw Career Complex’s common area and passed out cookies while simultaneously handing out OK2SAY merchandise. They have also created an Instagram @skillsusa_ok2say to inform individuals about the message of OK2SAy. The has also handed out classroom posters and flyers to spread awareness about OK2SAY.