Advanced Medical Careers

Program Description

This hospital/community-based Tech Prep program is designed for highly motivated, high school seniors interested in careers in the medical profession. Students pursue in-depth study of their chosen healthcare field. Individualized instruction to help students meet career goals is provided in specific fields such as pharmacology, emergency medicine, physical therapy, optometry, surgery, health information services, and general practitioner. Students who have successfully completed the Medical Careers program, and have and overall GPA of 2.0 or better, may apply to take this challenging course.

Program Content

    Personal Management and Employability Skills
    Universal Precautions/Safety
    Health Care Law & Ethics
    Chemistry/Cell Biology
    Math for Allied Health
    Individualized Career Certification Course of Study
    Journal and Report Writing
    Medical Terminology

Special Features

Students complete on-site internships at local hospitals and health care facilities for approximately 150 hours of class time during which they participate in and observe medical procedures.

Students may participate in HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) a national organization, that provides opportunities to develop teamwork, personal leadership, and career skills valued by healthcare providers.

Also includes: Senior Projects, Participation in community service project, Co-op and Paid Work Experience may be available, Tech Prep Program, Academic Credit

Students Can Earn:

4.0 cr. Advanced Medical Careers

College Credit

Program completers may qualify for articulated college credit from the following colleges and universities.

Advanced Medical Careers/Nursing

Institution Program Articulated Course(s)
Baker College (Flint) Health Services Administration, Practical Nursing, Therapeutic Massage MED103 (Medical Terminology)
Davenport University Medical Assisting, BSN – Nursing, RN, Health Information Technician BIO110 (Foundations of the Human Body)

BIOL131 (Intro to Human Disease)

BUSN210 (Professional Ethics)

COMM120(Presentation Techniques)

GNSS (General Social Science Credit)

HLTH110 (Medical Terminology)

HLTH230(Health Care Law & Ethics)

SOSC201 (Diversity in Society)

Delta College ADN Nursing BIO130 (Intro to Chemistry & Cell Biology)

HSC105 (Medical Terminology)

HSC140 (Basic Medical Emergencies)

MTH117 (Math for Allied Health)

CNA100 (Certified Nursing Assistant Training)

Kirkland Community College** AAS Technology Management, AA Associate in Arts ALH10400 (Nursing Assistant)
Saginaw Valley State University Nursing GEN (General 100 level Elective Credit)


Student Certifications

Program completers may qualify for the following industry certifications: Pharmacy Technician, Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, Physical Therapy Aide Occupational Therapy Aide, Respiratory Therapy Aide, Dental Aide, Clinical Laboratory Aide, Medical Radiographic Aide, Optometrist/Vision Care Technician, Recreation/Activity Therapy Assistant, Surgical Technologist Assistant. CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid, CareerSafe Safety Education Training, Personal Management and Employability Skills

Program Requirements

Successful completion of Medical Careers with a “B” or better and receive instructor recommendation.
2.0 cumulative G.P.A.
“C” or better grades in science and math
Concurrently enrolled or have completed advanced high school science (chemistry and/or biology).
Senior Status
Provide proof of updated immunizations (Hepatitis B and a Negative TB test) and pass background check by the end of September.
Uniform must be purchased and is required to be worn daily.
Adherence to dress code and grooming requirements
Transportation to and from health care facility may be required.
Ability to work independently
Capacity to successfully complete college level studies in science, mathematics, and English language arts.
Good communication skills
Text reading level: 11th grade

Career Possibilities

Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician, Surgical Technologist/Assistant, Physician/Assistant, Health Unit Coordinator, Physical/Occupational/Recreation, Therapist/Aide, Clinical Lab Technician/Aide, Radiographer/Aide, Dental Hygienist/Dental Assistant, Respiratory Therapist/Aide, Optometrist/Vision Care Technician, Nutritionist