IT – Computer Networking

Program Description

This Tech Prep program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of managing computer networking software, such as operating systems and protocols, and networking hardware, such as routers and switches. Students who successfully complete this program will be prepared to take industry recognized Cisco CCNA, CompTIA-Network+, and CompTIA-A+ growing, high-wage jobs in the country.

Program Content

    Personal Management and Employability Skills
    Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade of Computer and Peripherals
    Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Computers and Peripherals
    Customer Repair Needs
    Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Network Configurations
    Configuration of Network Protocols, Data Storage, Security, and Equipment
    Configuration and Mapping of Network Resources
    Configuration and Identification of Network Topology
    Ethics, Security, and Legal Responsibilities
    Computer Assembly
    Cabling and Testing a LAN
    Router Configuration / Connectivity
    Router Troubleshooting
    Ethernet Switch /VLANs

Special Features

Students may participate in BPA (Business Professionals of America), a national organization that provides opportunities to develop teamwork, personal leadership, and career skills valued by employers.

Delta College Skill Day Competitions.

12th grade students will complete and present senior projects

Unpaid work experience

Co-op and Paid Work Experience may be available.

Web based content, on line assessment, and hands on labs

Internet Technology Skills

Configure Ethernet Switches for VLAN Operation


3.5 cr. Computer Technology & Networking
0.5 cr. Communication & Composition


2.5 cr. Computer Technology & Networking
1 cr. Calculus, Pre-calculus, or Problem Solving in Math
0.5 cr. Communication & Composition
Credit On-line Learning Experience
Credit Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts requirement

CTE Program Completers can exchange:
Credit World Language
Credit 3rd Year Science

College Credit

Computer Technology & Networking

Institution Program Articulated Course(s)
Baker College (Flint) Computer Networking Technology, Information Technology Security, Information Technology Support CIS107B (Computer Operating Systems and Maintenance II)

INF141A (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Davenport University Networking Technology, Computer Information Systems, Information and Computer Security, Computer Networking BITS 101 (Computer Essentials)

BITS 209 (Dynamic Presentations)

BUSN 210 (Professional Ethics)

CISP112(Applied Information Technology)

COMM120(Presentation Techniques)

GNSS (General Social Science Credit)

NETW 101 (PC Operating Systems)

NETW 151 (Cisco Networking Fundamentals)

NETW 152 (Cisco Routing& Switching)

NETW 201 (PC Maintenance & Management)

NETW 251 (Cisco Scaling Networks)

NETW 252 (Cisco Connecting Networks)

SOSC 201 (Diversity in Society)

Delta College Network Technology, PC Systems Support & Technology Programming, Web Information Technology CST103 (Windows Foundations)

CST106 (Internet Foundations)

CST123(Windows Op System)

CST128 (PC Hardware & Concepts)

CST133(Intro to Computer Info Tech)

CST147 (Presentation Graphics/PowerPoint)

CST161 (Network Essentials)

CST164(Routing and Switching Essentials)

Ferris State University** Computer Information Systems ISYS105 (Intro to Micros Systems Software)

ISYS307 (MS Network Administration)

ISYS310 (Novell Network Administration)

ISYS325 (Network Essentials)

ISYS216(Intro to Java Programming)

ISYS316 (Advanced Java Programming)

Kirkland Community College ** AAS Information Technology, AA Associate in Arts, AAS Technology Management CIS elective credit
Mid-Michigan Community College** Computer Programming, Specific Applications CIS270 (Networking Essentials)

Student Certifications

CompTIA-Network+, A+, and/or Server+
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Internet & Computing Core (IC3)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Personal Management & Employability Skills
CareerSafe Safety Education Training

Program Certifications

Microsoft Developer Network
Cisco Academy

Program Requirements

Text reading level: 10th grade
Keyboarding and computer skills
Self-directed, independent learner
Completed Algebra and Geometry with a “C” or better

Career Possibilities

PC Support Specialist, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Computer Security Administrator