IT – Computer Programming

Program Description

In this challenging area of coding students learn to write computer programs and design / interface  databases. Students may specialize in: Video Game Development, Web Page Design and/or Business  Programming / Database Design. The knowledge and skills learned transfer directly to the larger  information technology industry, opening up a wide range of career paths. Students are prepared to take  industry certification exams in addition to earning college credit.


     Visual Studio Community Intergraded Development Environment (IDE)
    Internet Fundamentals
    Video Game Design – Programming Concepts, Visual Basic, JavaScript/C++
    Database Design – Data Modeling, My-SQL
    Web Site Design – HTML, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP
    Ethics, Security, and Legal Issues
    Computers and Society

Special Features

Students may participate in BPA (Business Professionals of America), a national organization that provides opportunities to develop teamwork, personal leadership, and career skills valued by employers.

Delta College Skill Day Competition

12th grade students will complete and present senior projects.

Unpaid work experience

Co-op and Paid Work Experience may be available.

Tech Prep program


3.5 cr. Game, Database & Web Design
0.5 cr. Communication & Composition


2.5 cr. Game, Database & Web Design
1 cr. Calculus, Precalculus, or Problem Solving in Math
0.5 cr. Communication & Composition
Credit On-line Learning Experience
Credit Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts requirement

CTE Program Completers can exchange:
Credit World Language
Credit 3rd Year Science

College Credit


Institution Program Articulated Course(s)
The Art Institutes Media Arts WDIM 130 (Fundamentals of Interactive Design)
Baker College (Flint) Computer Animation, Digital Media Design, Game Software Development INF141A (Microsoft PowerPoint)

WEB111B (Introduction to HTML)

WEB121A (Word Wide Web Design)

Davenport University Database Management, Computer Gaming & Simulation, Web Design & Development BITS101 (Computer Essentials)

BITS 209(Dynamic Presentations)

BITS212(Microcomputer Application: Database)

BUSN210(Professional Ethics)

CISP112(Applied Information Technology)

CISP220(Web Page Applications)

CISP247(Database Design)

CSCI231(Intro to Programming)

COMM120(Presentation Techniques)

GNSS (General Social Science Credit)

SOSC201 (Diversity in Society)

Delta College ABS Computer Science & Information Technology Programmer CST103 (Windows Foundations)

CST106 (Internet Foundations)

CST110(Web Page Dev. Using HTML)

CST133 (Computer Concepts & Competencies)

CST147 (Presentation Graphics using PowerPoint)

CST170 (Principles of Computer Programming)

CST 171 (Visual Basic Programming I)

CST210 (Advanced Web Page Dev.)

CST214 (JavaScript Programming)

Student Certifications

Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) – Foundations
Internet & Computing Core (IC3)
Personal Management & Employability Skills
CareerSafe Safety Education Training

Program Requirements

Text reading level: 11th grade
Keyboarding and computer skills
Completed Geometry with a “C” or better
Self-directed learner
Critical thinking skills
Students need to be strong, creative problems solvers with excellent communication skills.

Career Possibilities

Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Web Designer, Database Administrator, Game Producer, Applications Engineer, Operating Systems Designer/Engineer, Software Applications Architect, Software Support Engineer