Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Sports Medicine

Program Description

Physical therapy is an exciting career pathway with many opportunities! Whether you are interested in becoming a physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant, or an athletic trainer, this program will cover it all! Saginaw Career Complex’s brand new program will offer students a broad exploration of rehabilitative careers. Students will train in the new, specially equipped rehabilitation lab, as well as onsite within local healthcare facilities, where the following professional skills will be covered: patient care and mobility, therapeutic program development, rehabilitative equipment training, and range of movement exercises. Students will become knowledgeable of legal and ethical issues in healthcare, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, client interaction, medical office communications, OSHA regulations, and a variety of professional work habits. Students will have the opportunity to work with health care professionals throughout the program. 

Program Content

    Personal Management and Employability skills 
    Natural Science 
    Exercise Science
    Health Science
    Life Science
    Athletic Training 
    Human Anatomy 
    Patient/Client Management
    Physiology of Activity

Special Features

Students may participate in SkillsUSA, a national organization that provides opportunities to develop teamwork, personal leadership, and career skills valued by employees

12th grade students will complete and present senior projects

Co-op and Paid Work Experience may be available.

Students will learn skills that will enhance your clinical skills and learn the latest advances in physical therapy. Students will also be given competition assignments that will be entered at the local, state, or national level of competition.


4.0 cr. Physical Therapy

Career Opportunities

Athletic Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Recreational Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist