Principal’s Page

Welcome SCC Families,

My name is Joshua P. Little and I am the Principal and CTE Director of the Saginaw Career Complex. I have been an employee of Saginaw Public Schools since 2002. I began my career as a middle school science teacher at North Middle School. From there, I have experienced many different roles within the district. Each experience has provided me with unique content and has allowed me to explore the educational system from all levels.  I am so thankful to many educational peers and mentors who I have leaned on for support throughout my career.  I continue to seek knowledge and experience from those proven in the field in order to grow as an educational leader. I try very hard to be reflective and open to new information every day as I continue to grow.

I am a graduate of Saginaw Valley State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Health Education and a Master’s Degree in School Administration/Educational Leadership.  One of my proudest achievements during that time is that I was able to work my way to successfully become an All-American and Captain of the university track and field team. I believe the dedication and effort that it took to compete at the highest level still drives my competitive spirit today as an educator. I remain focused on creating the best learning environment for staff and students. My goal is for SCC to be revered as the best CTE center in the state.

I currently reside in Saginaw with my wife Melissa Little (who is also in education), and five wonderful children, Porter, Mila, Hudson, Bauer, and Decker. We try hard to include our whole family in everything we do, whether it’s work or play.  We love to spend time together camping, boating, bike riding, playing sports, and even spending time at our workplaces. I am dedicated to my family and try to share my passions with them, especially at work. Everything seems to work better when we do it together as a family.

I am truly excited about the future of Career and Technical Education in Saginaw County and the students who choose SCC for their educational pathway. These students are receiving a unique, high-level, skills-based education that helps identify a career pathway and is absolutely essential for career readiness. I am also excited about the opportunity to research, explore, and expand new areas in CTE that will prepare our students for future job opportunities. In addition, I hope to continue to build upon strong relationships with local businesses and school districts to help make the Saginaw Career Complex the best CTE center available for students.