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The Saginaw High Science department offers several levels of science courses that meet and exceed the Michigan Standards and Benchmarks. Students are required to pass 3 years of science classes, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and one other science class. At Saginaw High students start with Biology in the Ninth grade, Physical Science in the Tenth Grade and Chemistry in the Eleventh Grade. Physics is an elective taken in the Twelfth grade for students that wish to take it. Currently our in coming Eight grade students take Earth Science but a change to that curriculum for a better transition to high school will be made during the summer of 2014. Other elective classes are included based on need and resource in a given school year. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will be implemented by the district as soon as they are adopted by the state and approved. We are currently working to revise the science curriculum as a district to help with the transition of the 8th grade to the high school and changes to classes will be possible in the coming years to continue to better prepare the students of Saginaw High.