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State & Federal Programs

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Title IA

The Title I, Part A program is designed to help disadvantaged children meet high academic standards by participating in either a school wide or a targeted assistance program. Schoolwide programs are implemented in high-poverty schools following a year of planning with external technical assistance and use Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Targeted assistance programs provide supplementary instruction to children who are failing or most at risk of failing to meet the district’s core academic curriculum standards. School-based decision-making, professional development, and parent involvement are important components of each district’s Title I, Part A program.  At Saginaw Public Schools, all schools except Handley PCAT, Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy, and Saginaw Career Complex receive Title I funds. Funds are also received at the district level.


MTSS Handbook
ELA Curriculum & Resources
Mathematics Curriculum & Resources

District Title I Forms

Structured Tutorial
Math Progress Report Form
Reading Progress Report Form

For more information about the Title I program, visit the Michigan Department of Education’s Title I A information page:,4615,7-140-5236_6048-69709–,00.html.

Title IIA

The Title II, Part A Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grants Program provides funding to partnerships of higher education departments of teacher education, higher education departments of arts and sciences, and high-need local education agencies. The purpose of the partnerships is providing professional learning opportunities to teachers, principals and paraprofessionals, which will result in increased learning for all students. The Office of Professional Preparation Services administers this program, providing applications, coordinating reviews of the competitive proposals, awarding funds to selected projects, and monitoring the projects’ activities and expenditures. For more information, please visit the District’s Professional Development page.

Title III

Title III – Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students.  The Title III program is designed to assure speedy acquisition of English language proficiency, assist students to achieve in the core academic subjects, and to assist students to meet State standards. It also provides immigrant students with high quality instruction to meet challenging State standards, and assists the transition of immigrant children and youth into American society.


Title III Program Handbook
Title III – Allowable Uses of Funds

For more information on the Title III program, please visit the Michigan Department of Education’s Title III website:,4615,7-140-6530_30334_40078—,00.html.

Section 31a At-Risk

Section 31a of the State School Aid Act provides funding to eligible districts for supplementary instructional and pupil support services for pupils who meet the at-risk criteria specified in the legislation. These criteria include low achievement on MEAP tests in mathematics, reading or science; failure to meet core academic curricular objectives in English language arts or mathematics (applies to grade K-3 pupils only); or the presence of two or more identified at-risk factors. The funds may also be used for class size reductions in grades 1-6 in schools above the district’s poverty percentage. Section 31a funds are limited to direct services to pupils and may not be used for administrative or other related costs.At Saginaw Public Schools, only Arthur Hill High School and Saginaw High School receive Section 31a funds. Funds are also received at the district level and are used to help fund the Birth Through Five program and security.


Section 31a – Allowable Uses of Funds

More information is available at the Michigan Department of Education’s Section 31a page:,1607,7-140-6530_30334-43638–,00.html.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

MTSS Handbook
MTSS Process Flow Chart- Instructional
MTSS Process Flow Chart Non-Instructional
MTSS End of Year Tier 3 Non- Instructional Data Form
SPSD Intervention Team Meeting Request
SPSD Intervention Team Meeting Student Action Plan

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a comprehensive framework comprised of a collection of research-based strategies designed to meet the individual needs and assets of the whole child. MTSS intentionally interconnects the education, health, and human service systems in support of successful learners, schools, centers, and community outcomes. The five essential components of MTSS are inter-related and complementary. The MTSS framework provides schools and districts with an efficient way to organize resources to support educators in the implementation of effective practices with fidelity so that all learners succeed (Michigan Department of Education, 2019).

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Department Contacts
Jennifer Nichols
Interim Director of State and Federal Programs
Delores Giles
Title I Compliance Specialist
Kimberly Henderson
Title I Information Management Specialist
Martha Fordham
MTSS Coordinator
Inez Williams
Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Specialist