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Connecting with Remote Desktop

Windows (Staff Only)

Download this shortcut preconfigered with connecion information. You have to be logged into your SPSD email to download.

Once downloaded double click to open it.

Enter in your district computer credentials username and password.

approve the warning about connecting to the server.

Work as if you were on your computer in district.

Chromebook(newer models and andriod devices)/MAC OS/IOS – STAFF ONLY

Download The RD Client from the google play store from Microsoft. 

Google play store ( chromebook and andriod devices)

if you get an message that you have no associated device, please see if you can enable the play store as shown at this link


Open Mac store or app store or click link below

download RD Client from Microsoft 

When the app opens do the following:

  1. Click the plus icon to add a connection.
  2. type in the following “”, leave username as every time.
  3. Click the created connection icon.
  4. Enter in your username in this format: spsd\username
  5. Enter in your district computer password

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